"3 French Carols" Charts for Brass Quintet

As Recorded by the Pinot Noir Brass Quintet

3 French Carols is a medley of Christmas carols that you might recognize but might not know originated in France. “Quelle est cette odeur agréable” is a 17th century hymn about the nativity. “Il est né, le divin Enfant” (He is born, the Divine Child) was first published in 1862. The most recognizable is “Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes” (Angels We Have Heard on High) This 18th century carol provides the finale for this piece that programs at just over 4 minutes and features all the players in the quintet.

Download the 3 French Carols Sample Chart (PDF)

About Pinot Noir Brass Quintet Christmas Classics
The Pinot Noir Brass Quintet is a new brass ensemble comprised of 5 of LA’s most sought after brass performers. With Rick Braun & Jeff Bunnell on trumpets. John Dickson on French Horn, Nick Lane on trombone and Doug Tournquist on tuba. They are all performers with too many credits to mention but they unite here for some fresh new approaches to classic Christmas songs. Look for a CD from the group soon, but until then, they offer a couple of pieces that might be playable by your brass group.


Nick Lane Charts: 3 French Carols (Brass Quintet)
“3 French Carols” Charts for Brass Quintet