For the past 40 years Nick Lane has been an active member of the Los Angeles music scene, contributing his trombone stylings and arranging/composing skills to countless live gigs and recordings, all while battling smog, earthquakes and the occasional slow speed chase.

Nick has performed/arranged for Maynard Ferguson, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Chicago and Tower of Power

Live Performances & Arrangements

Nick Lane, trombonist, arranger & composer: Trombone Solo
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Nick Lane, trombonist, arranger & composer: with Rod Stewart
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Nick Lane, trombonist, arranger & composer
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Images of a shady past.......Here's some videos of Nick playing with various groups including Rod Stewart, Chicago, Maynard Ferguson and even his 80's LA Band

Printed Music: Nick's Award Winning Charts Available for Download

REAL CDs: Just Like The Olden Days!

We didn’t swing well, so we didn’t even try…..9 horn…

A musical salute to my midwestern roots with full orchestra…

The Lispers Christmas EP was a minor hit on iTunes…

Here’s 6 catchy Christmas songs with just enough spittle to…

Featuring the baritone sax stylings of Greg Smith, with Red…

12 new songs with my songwriting partner Doc Kupka featuring…

For charts, arrangements, live & session work...

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