For the past 40 years Nick Lane has been an active member of the Los Angeles music scene, contributing his trombone stylings and arranging/composing skills to countless live gigs and recordings, all while battling smog, earthquakes and the occasional slow speed chase.

Born & raised in Marshalltown Iowa (where funnily enough, trombone was a respected means of self expression) Lane took his naiveté to Boston’s Berklee College of Music where he learned the fine art of blatant self promotion. Find “sucking up” in the new Webster’s Unabridged and you’ll see Nick’s puckered mug…..Maynard Ferguson gave him his start, but eventually he parlayed this full frontal trombone style and abrasive personality into a variety of situations, seeking refuge in various traveling shows, circus bands and freak shows lead by the likes of Rod Stewart, the Who, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Neil Diamond and occasionally with the group Chicago.

Although commercial recording has been his steady work over the years (recording on over 500 CD’s….not that they even have those anymore) to drop names here would only spotlight the rudderless ship he calls his “career”. In an effort to associate himself with more refined musical sensibilities his “serious” works for orchestra and various brass configurations are available elsewhere on this site, as well as many charts from his dark “big band” past. There are mp3 samples by some of Nick’s far more talented associates as well as some videos. Some new (and old) CD’s are available for purchase and there’s a bunch of brass quintet/trombone quartet pieces available for digital download…..prices reduced! Proof that he never got into this for the money anyway. Thanks for dropping in!